Wholistic Cancer Support

Wholistic evidence-based therapies

Sophisticated technology with the latest scientific evidence

Have you just been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you undergoing treatment?

Getting back to normal after treatment?

It has long been established that significant health improvement can be accomplished by addressing a person’s unique needs and biochemical individuality.

This process can be accomplished by carefully identifying underlying physiological dysfunctions with cutting-edge assessment tools and individualized Wholistic Medicine evidence-based cancer support


  • Have you just been diagnosed with cancer?
  • Are you undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy)?
  • Are you sick because of the treatment?
  • Are you losing weight rapidly?
  • Are you losing hope?
  • Do you want to increase “the odds”?

Contact me and learn about my type of cancer care support.

My role is to identify the underlying causes responsible for your disease and apply effective interventions with individualized natural medicines protocols and lifestyle changes. To achieve this goal, I have reviewed thousands of research articles and extracted the most current and relevant information for you and your family. If required, I work cooperatively with oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and other Health Care Practitioners (TCM, acupuncturists, psychologists, osteopaths, massage therapists, nurses). At all times, drugs/herbs/nutrients interactions are carefully analyzed.

Manuela Boyle PhD c. MPhil MHSc NMD Wholistic Medicine Practitioner

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