Inspired Program

What is the Inspired Cancer Care Program?

SEVEN PHASES on how to Stand-Up to cancer.

  • Individualized medical blue-print investigation based on advanced diagnostics such as genetic tumour profiling collected in real time; targeted immunotherapy; next generation sequencing; metastatic analysis; oncologenomics biologics testing.
  • Nutritional direct delivery of dose-dependent bio-available and complex nutrients/botanicals. Specific anti-cancer diets based on the metabolic rate of each cancer.
  • Specific liquid herbal extract – to be checked and reassessed every two weeks and comprising of dose-dependent anti-inflammatory, selected adaptogens and specific immuno-modulating Western, TCM and Ayurvedic medicinal herbs. Herbs are used in combination with hyperthermia treatments. Immunotherapy at its best!
  • Pancreatic enzyme therapy
  • Immunotherapy with intravenous and injectable therapies such as antibiotics; mannitol; ozone and complex botanicals; mistletoe therapy; artemisin.
  • Relaxation and mind visualization.
  • Elimination via chelation therapy
  • Diet and lifestyle nutritional plan aimed at restoring an enduring wellness.
The field of cancer care is changing, and there is an emerging understanding of the healing power of nutrients and botanicals. We now have the science that explains—at the molecular and genetic level—exactly how nutrition impacts the biology of cancer. Manuela looks at the mechanisms of initiation and development of cancer including infection, immune dysfunction, inflammation, oxidative stress, impaired detoxification, hormonal imbalances and environmental factors. All of these affect gene expression, cell growth messaging, angiogenesis and apoptosis (death of the cell).