What I Offer

My approach to cancer treatment focuses on wholistic evidence-based  therapies to correct metabolic dysfunction at the cellular level. This process, in turn has been shown, that it may inhibit cancer development, progression, and metastasis. My focus is on supporting the structure and integrity of collagen tissue surrounding cells. By blocking the activity of the collagen-digesting enzyme, a high degree of prevention of metastasis can be obtained. Additionally, significant importance is given to strategies aimed at improving the immune system function; decrease inflammatory markers; decrease platelet aggregation; reduce infection and viral load; improve stress management; actively helping to resolve side-effects created by trauma chemotherapeutic drugs/pain/irradiation; and improve detoxification and support tissue oxygenation.
My expert team and I utilize targeted and personalised medical care to achieve better outcomes for patients. From diagnostics to treatment technology, we have created and implemented the highest personalised forms of wholistic medicine treatments. Based on our unique assessments and treatment plans, we aim at creating individualised protocols based on genetic markers, immune system function and metabolic markers by using a combination of sophisticated technology with the latest scientific evidence.