Have you just been diagnosed with cancer? Do you know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer? Is anxiety, fear, disbelief and distress affecting you right now?

In a 2015 human clinical study conducted Aboalela et al and published in PLos One, a large group of women diagnosed with breast cancer who manifested prolonged stress, depression and anxiety not only had a compromised quality of life, but a more difficult outcome when compared with other women who were able to overcome the initial fear. Research data has been shown that stress is a significant predictor of chromosomal instability.This is a continuous accumulation of chromosome changes in cancer cell population, decreasing the ability to self-eliminate.

Our integrative program provide a one-on-one or group consultation focused on how to learn meditation, increase spiritual awareness, and relax the body. We also offer art and music therapy (including song writing or using music to impact mood).. Our senior physical therapist is available to develop a specific exercise plan that might help relieve stress. Finally, our oncology massage therapists are available to both patients and caregivers for reducing stress and other cancer-related symptoms.