As we might be all aware, a diagnosis of cancer is one of the more distressing experiences in life. This distress has been shown to have the greatest effect on marriages and other long-term partnerships. Researchers at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have reported that the “experience of cancer has brought them closer together and made them view their partner through a new lens”. Furthermore, “couples who battle cancer with a team approach fare better in regards to their emotional and relational well being”. Negative emotions, however, are also commonly felt. Fear, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety are often felt by family members as well as by  cancer patients. Contrary to common belief, expressing negative feelings is crucial to maintain a healthy emotional connection. Being vulnerable (as a wife/husband/child. parent) of a cancer patient is part of what is termed ‘effective communication”.

In our Clinics we offer exactly the type of support that is necessary for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the diagnosis of cancer of a family member. We have trained psychologists (specialized in oncologic care); yoga and meditation classes; relaxation and motivational speakers (some of them cancer patients survivors). it makes a difference!